Smeulders Playing with Full Dutch National Team

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Smeulders Playing with Full Dutch National Team

Post by Stonehouse on Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:03 am

Check it out:

I'm trying to find a better link... but if you expand the news article title "Roster Dutch National team for Eurobasket 2007 Qualifiers Additional Round " you will see Smeulders' name on there.

EDIT: Here's a better roster link... looks like he doesn't have a number. I wonder what that means:,v3.pageID_kNExj0yEJSAVnPwPKGDub1.compID_qMRZdYCZI6EoANOrUf9le2.season_2007.roundID_4950.teamID_334.html

Pretty cool for him... this isn't just the U-20 team he was playing on early. This is the real deal. Looks like the team has been playing pretty well recently, with wins over Norway and Switzerland before topping Belarus in the qualifying round for the Eurobasket tournament, which is a biennial tournament that features lots of top players (Nowitzki, Gasol, etc.).

You have to do some serious navigation on this site to find info:

But if you go to the right side and click EuroBasket Div. B and then click on Group B, you'll see that the Netherlands is 4-1 in group play. I did find this box score:,v3.pageID_MIo9t,r8GfgCzft4jY3M,2.compID_qMRZdYCZI6EoANOrUf9le2.season_2007.roundID_4950.teamID_.gameID_4950-B-12-6.html

Looks like Robin didn't play.

Still, I wonder how long this tournament is going on? School starts at UP this Monday, so he might miss the first few weeks of class if he stays with the team for an extended period of time.

Something to keep an eye on... but congrats to him for being able to play for his country!


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Re: Smeulders Playing with Full Dutch National Team

Post by caniparolimt on Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:30 pm

Did you notice that they have him listed as a small forward on that team. Does that mean that he is working more on his outside game and not his post game or what?


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