Foxhoven Article From Tribune

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Foxhoven Article From Tribune

Post by Stonehouse on Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:39 am

Missed this one, but I picked up a paper copy last night and this was on the cover. I'm loving all the coverage Steve Brandon is giving to the Pilots! And gotta love that last quote from Danielle... she's definitely got some high hopes.

The picture of serenity on the soccer field?

Less than three minutes into her collegiate career, Danielle Foxhoven was hardly that. After scoring her first goal –on her first shot as a Portland Pilot – she sprang into the arms of senior teammate Megan Rapinoe.

Such celebratory moments are coming at a fast pace for the new forward on the bluff, who is lending an air of confidence to a program that has won two national titles.

“I bring a little calmness to the game,” Foxhoven says, describing her style of play. “It’s a calmness that comes from being able to keep the ball and play with the other forward and the midfielders, as opposed to just playing as an individual.”

In soccer terms, Foxhoven is adept at playing “off” her teammates. She has a knack for being in the right place at the right time and finishing plays. She’s more opportunistic than dramatic.

“She’s not going to dazzle you with 30-yard bombs; she’s just very intuitive around the goal,” coach Garrett Smith says. “As early as it is, she’s been our most goal-dangerous player.”

After five games, Foxhoven has a team-high six goals –and one national player-of-the-week award.

Not to sound overly casual about it, but “I’m definitely not surprised at all” with those statistics, she says. “It’s a good feeling, but it’s what I expect of myself.”

That first goal, in a 3-1 home victory over Oregon, was special “because it kind of set a precedent, but going into the game I was just telling myself to do my job, and scoring goals is the part I play on the team.”

Goal No. 1 was typical, too, of the way the 5-6 native of Littleton, Colo., can produce.

“Megan really did all the work,” Foxhoven says. “She ran onto a long ball over the top, kind of lost it and then won it back, and then it just fell to my feet. I didn’t do much. I just scored it.”

Foxhoven is just one of six freshmen expected to keep the Pilot tradition of success going –three others have started already, as well.

But goal scorers get the most attention, and UP has had some great ones, such as Christine Sinclair (UP’s single-season goal-scoring leader with 39 in 2005 and career leader with 110), Tiffeny Milbrett (30 goals in both 1992 and 1994, 103 total) and Shannon MacMillan (87 career).

“I definitely have a lot of growing to do before I can put my name anywhere near any of them,” Foxhoven says, “but I certainly hope that by the end of four years I can be up there with them.”
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Re: Foxhoven Article From Tribune

Post by FANatic on Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:06 am

Great to see both the Trib and Oregonian putting the Pilots on the front-burner. I also saw the special short sports report that had Joe Becker of KGW talking to Danielle and Kassi.

The Pilots are getting some big time (local) coverage this season. I guess that means high expectations.

I really believe if this team is successful in its playoff run this year, the crowds at Merlo are going to sell out quickly and the players are going to be the darlings of all of Portland Area Sports.

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